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Professional integration of automation systems to make more efficient any industrial process.


Engineers and technicians capable of making a team with you to propose innovative and effective solutions to achieve your goals.


Programming specialists of the leading brands of industrial automation equipment.

Our Services

PLC's Programming
Electric diagrams (power and control)
HMI programming and design
Industrial Networks
Safety systems
Motor control
Electrical panels assembly
Electrical installations
Automation systems training
Lamicoid plates fabrication

About us

Committed to the quality of our services

Company founded in 2012 in the city of San Luis Potosí­, S.L.P. starting operations with long experience in the industrial automation field.
AE Solutions starts to get a place in the national and international industry, and stands as a solid and growing company being synonymous with trust because of our customer development focus.

Presses and Stamping Specialists

Welding control
Presses and Stamping specialists
Error proofing (pokayokes)
Safety systems
Vision systems
Energy saving
Motor control
Servo Motor
Paint shop
Food and beverage

Meet our Team

Luane Silva

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John Suen

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Nancy May

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Amelie Plin

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Authorized Distributor


This is an industrial connectivity brand, located in Oakwood, Georgia USA, with ISO 9001 standard.


  • Molded cordsets receptacles
  • Panel interface connectors
  • Junctions blocks
  • T35 DIN-Rail connectors
  • Rectangular connectors
  • Solenoid valve connectors
  • Industrial networking solutions
    • Switches
    • Secure Routers
    • Media Converters
    • Serial Device Servers
    • Modbus Gateways
    • Protocol Gateways



I. Zaragoza 151
Cuartel Aguilares
Deleg. Villa de Pozos
San Luis Potosí­, S.L.P., México
Zip code 78421


Office Phone:
+52 (444) 353 2787

San Luis Potosí­­, Sales Phone:
+52 (444) 444 6028

certificado iso 9001:2015

AE Solutions Quality Policy

AE Solutions: Organization dedicated to industrial automation located at I. Zaragoza 151 Col. Cuartel Aguilares, San Luis Potosí, México, has decided to implement a Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001 standard to improve the service it provides to its clients.

The Management of AE SOLUTIONS focuses on the Quality System as a way to organize functionality, starting from basic pillars such as the Quality of its services, customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the System. Because of this, its Quality Management System is based on:

  • Quality and its improvement are the responsibility of all members of AE SOLUTIONS starting from the top.

  • Quality is obtained by planning, executing, reviewing and improving the Management System, bearing in mind at all times the context of the organization, both internal and external.

  • Quality is oriented towards the satisfaction of all our clients (and interested parties) through the commitment of the entire organization in meeting their needs and requirements, as well as legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Quality leads us to increase the productivity of our customers.

  • Quality is based on Continuous Improvement of production processes and service provided, as well as the effectiveness of the Quality Management System in which preventing errors is a fundamental aspect.

  • Quality leads us to pay utmost attention to technological evolution and the possible improvements that new technologies put at our disposal.

  • Keep the Manual and the Quality Procedures updated, according with the changing reality of the Company and the market.

  • Quality requires the participation and collaboration of everyone so this Policy is spread to every member of AE SOLUTIONS staff for their knowledge and understanding.

This policy is the framework to generate quality objectives of AE SOLUTIONS.

In order to make an effective application of these principles, the support of the management .team and the staff is absolutely necessary.